Why Modular?

Modular homes are built almost entirely offsite in a manufacturing facility, which saves time and money in comparison to traditionally built homes.

Controlled by us 100%

Constructed almost entirely offsite, this is the future of house building. The entire process is controlled by us to ensure our homes remain affordable without compromising quality.

Quicker build time

Modular construction typically takes 50% less time to build than traditional on-site methods. This reduces the time on-site and saves money usually spent on labour and professional fees.

Highly Energy Efficient

Our modular homes are rated in the top 5% for energy efficiency, with a current SAP rating of 83%. This means less energy consumption resulting in significantly cheaper bills.

Environmentally friendly

With virtually zero waste during production, site traffic reduced by up to 90% and a higher proportion of sustainable and recyclable materials, the environmental benefits of our modular homes are widespread.

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