About Us

Comfortable Living is committed to improving lives through providing quality, affordable and sustainable homes for everyone. We have the solution to resolve the current UK housing crisis.

Who we are

Our business is not about making the biggest profit. It is about making a positive change to how people live.

We will do this by building homes and establishing partnerships with the government, local authorities, housing associations and other leading real estate companies. This should enable us to provide everyone with an opportunity to own their own home.

We work with a carefully selected supply chain of partners, who share our desire to make a difference.

We genuinely care about what we do, who we help and the homes we build.

“Comfortable Living was created to help people. I want to provide homes that everyone can afford to buy. I believe that once people have the security of owning their own home it enables them to move forward in their lives with confidence and optimism. This means a brighter future for us all.”

Saadat Khan, CEO, Comfortable Living

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